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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 21, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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was killed in the line of duty. we're following the latest in the wildfires that are burning out of control in southern california. we're going to take a look at how crews are gearing up to help in the fight. and a lot day, again, today across the bay. although we'll be tip towing by at least the century mark for now. details coming up. good morning everybody. 7:00 all's well i'm james fletcher. >> i'm mark danon. this is tuesday, june 21st. >> we're looking for 90s to be steaming, again, for us today. there's a live look for you at the san mateo bridge and a little relief, fog going on early on that just indicates that we're getting a bit of a slight on shore flow. here's the temperatures right now. take a picture they won't last long. 60 for oakland. 54 santa rosa.
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57 for napa. 62 san jose. pretty quickly they march forward. >> we're seeing them sail already the business of the lower 80 bus 11:00. 3:00p.m., well in the business up to 90s. 75, again, for the east bayshore line. that's immediately along the coast. you can see the coastal temperatures, as well. into the lower 60s. the oakland breakdown. 57 up to 74 about 1:00. 3:00 at 75. things will be changing this afternoon. we'll have mr. details on the warmup. here's robin with the traffic. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza continues to grow. well through the maze. the east shore freeway jammed in pockets. and it's jammed all wait through the toll plaza. we democratic have any major accidents or hot spots for westbound 80 into san francisco. it's less than 30 minutes from the maze to the skyway. i'm tracking heavy traffic on b
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580. two separate accidents here. and for the second accident, chp just issued a traffic alert. four cars involved. the left lane is blocked. traffic was already slow because of an earlier crash right in the same spot. so it's slow for you coming out of livermore. then if you have to use south 680 the usual jamup. so 20- minutes from dublin to fremont. heavier than normal 580 west. i'll definitely keep an eye on it new back to the news. more on our top story, a san jose motorcycle police officer independent the line of duty will be laid to rest. >> there's a public funeral service scheduled for today in san jose. at the funeral home where the procession is set to begin later this morning. will? >> reporter: it will start at 9:45 but already officers are showing up. we just saw one officer go through the double door.
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there is a police car and there's another one earlier with an suv. now, there's a police car. they are standing guard over the body of michael katherman who was killed in the line of duty june 14. so last week you can see the american flags, the hearse is ready to go. it will take about 45 minutes to leave this location. show you a picture of michael katherman who leaves behind a wife and two young sons. he was in san jose on his motorcycle when he collided with a minivan at an intersection. the investigation still ongoing burt it appears to be a sum pull accident, in fact, the driver stayed at the scene. this has been a very tough time for the san jose police department. it brings up memories of another officer who was killed just one year ago. so this is the second time in one year. that officer's name michael johnson. he was shot and killed by a suspect during a barricade situation. his widow is helping out the
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catherman family. once they leave this location, traffic will be very tough to navigate to negotiate. so take a look at your screen. we want to show you places that you need to avoid if you do not want to be caught in the hundreds of police cars. and once they get to smp center there will be thousands of people. here's the route that they will go. it will go along winchester boulevard into campbell, the route will then tonight right on stevens creek boulevard which becomes west san carlos street. then head north to the arena. it probably will reach there around 10:30-10:45 in the morning. after that they will be full of family and friends. we're not sure if governor jerry brown will be in attendance. but the state attorney general will be there. you talk about it being open to the public. the media is not allowed to go inside. we will have a camera mounted to carry that broadcast for you. we will have that on
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if you do not want to be in this area, avoid it. because it's going to be winding, they will run red lights. they will block traffic. but if you must be here, if you have an appointment near the sap center they encourage you to take public transportation. and our website we have a list of the specific road closures and the time line of eat vents. tough to get around. on we will be streaming the memorial live on our website and free mobile app. well breaking news overnight firefighters at the scene now of a house fire in fremont. you can see in this video that was sent to us this morning just how intense the families were when it was at its peak. it started out about 3:20 this morning in the 3800 block of hastings avenue. the fire has been contained but firefighters are still there putting out any remaining hot spots and trying to figure out the cause. we do know this was an abandoned house. no reports of any injuries. we did learn this morning that six cats were killed in the
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fire. and for the fifth time this month a new person is in charge of the oakland police department. this comes as the department and the alameda county d.a.'s office deal with several scandals. kron 41st broke the scandal involving an underage call girl and multiple police officers. the department dealing with a racist text messaging scandal. a perform homicide investigators accused of letting his girlfriend write and pest police reports. now, a decorated sergeant was arrested for domestic violence until a public record request was filed. a second alameda d.a. investigator is on add administrative leave. he used to be an oakland police officer. investigators say he isn't connected with the sex scandal but it does have to do with inappropriate text. another investigator in that same office was inly kate in the sex scandal. and acting assistant police chief david downing is now leading the day-to-day operations as the city
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searches for a new permanent chief. he's now the highest ranking member of the police department. mateor is in charge of overseeing oakland police. we spoke with councilman noah gallow who says downing is a standup man. >> he's a very honorable man. that's been theory, has years of experience. he is pretty straightforward. so you next you're not -- he's not going to pamper you. and that's what we are looking for. we're here to do a job, follow the rules. >> the three chiefs in the last week and a half, one stepped down after a sex scandal. farrell was appointed interim chief but was stripped of the title. next up was paul who accepted pat session but then decided he no longer wanted it because his life would be in the spotlight.
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and a high ranking oakland police sergeant is at the center of some of the ask scandals. kron 4 news learned that sergeant mike gant played a key role. those include accusations that his girlfriend was writing and posting sensitive police documents to social media. sources also say he's responsible for leaking racially themed text messages sent to homicide detectives by their commanders. and if you would like to read mr. about this story and more on the coverage head to our website at kron 4 that includes the text messages that the call girl the certainty of the sex scandal shared with our reporter. we have that there. it explains her side of the story. you can also hear what oakland mayor libby schaaf has to say. all there for you at kron hottest start to summer ever in three western states including california. firefighters are scrambling to put out four massive wildfires burning in california right now.
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a one near the u.s. mexico border. another's the sherpa fire north of santa barbara. firefighters plan to slowly lustiest vacation orders for that fire starting tomorrow morning. it's been burning for about a week and it grew to 12 square miles containment now at 54%. meantime two fast moving fires broke out in the national forest yesterday. they believe one was sparked by a car running off the highway. it quickly you to more than two square miles. >> the fire is burning in very, very steep terrain with very, very heavy vegetation on the west side of san gabriel canyon. >> that started shortly after the first one. that's prompting road closures and mandatory evacuations. >> and they're now saying they expect the two fires to merge into one massive fire sometime today. and help from the bay area is on its way to southern california with those wildfires that are raging. these are pictures that were posted by the alameda county
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fire department's twitter account. this was late last night. two en joins and a strike team from the east bay now headed to help battle those two wildfires that broke out yesterday in the san gabriel mountains. and the extreme heat brings other risks, as well. two hikers had to be rescued from storeching temperatures in southern california. firefighters were called to the hiking trail in palm desert yesterday morning to help two people with heat related injuries. by the time they were rescued it was already one happened 11 degrees at 10:30 in the morning. the hot weather isn't over yet. temperatures could reach 120 in the southwest desert this week and there have been record breaking temperatures in new mexico and arizona, as well. in arizona, five people have died as a result of the heat wave there. temperatures have been peering 114 degrees. and in the east bay police busting a fake upscale club that was really a brothel according to police. 54-year-old is accused of returning the illegal sex
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trafficking business and luring women to work there. police say they received a tip about prostitution happening at his home. investigators found the home was being advertised as an up scale private club. he recruited women through a fake modeling business. a young neighbor remembers seeing him advertising the business. >> watch girls, mud wrestle and watch them dance and stuff like that. but he's like super friendly. he'll be like we've, oh, what's up. afterwards knowing what edid i was just like wow. >> under cover officers arrested salizar. he's due in court next week. his bail is set at $250,000. . in other headlines this morning there's a new facebook page that's stirring up controversy. it's actually a group page that claims to be in support of brock turner. he's the stanford swimmer sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an
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unconscious woman on campus. facebook page has posts referring to turner as the real victim. posts calling the case against him a conspiracy. now, we have heard from turner's family. they say the family's not behind this page. >> they don't know who's behind it. but there is a call for facebook to delete the brock turner family support page. still ahead, the search for is on i should say for a man wanted for stealing mail in the bay area. we're going to tell you where people are being targeted. >> and a bomb threat shuts down part of brussels but police say it turned out to be fake. the unusual item they found in the suspect's bomb belt. >> plus after the break, despite the recent orlando terror attack, several attempts to tighten gun control failed on capitol hill. we're going to tell you what's being done in the bay area to prevent gun violence. >> and takelizing look outside, from the oakland hills looking out over the bay bridge in san
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francisco. a lot of haze in the air as we're watching the heat continue.
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the time 7:15. temperatures around lunchtime today, actually not bad. >> physical highs. >> oh, nuts. >> no, at noontime if you're having lunch outside looks pretty decent. find some shade.
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>> definitely if you're in the inland valleys you want shade at noon. definitely to be out for long periods of time. certainly the sunscreen and keep the water flowing. so we did talk about some cooling relief at the pool and all that. due to dry runs for the pool we have a whole summer ahead of us. general idea the lunchtime high temperatures, east bayshore line, those numbers in the middle 70s or so. that's immediately along the walter. you get further inland the numbers, of course, start to climb up quickly. livermore and concord looking almost at middle 80s by that point. live shot of the bay bridge. you can see the traffic lining up but sunshine from beginning to end. a slight little mention here some fog to start the day. that indicates the on shore flow we were talking about. temperatures lower 60s right now. this is still just at 7:00 hour. concord at 62, livermore at 60. 55 for downtown san francisco and santa rosa at 54. oakland, a closer look here e. woo get up to 69 come 11:00.
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one cloak at 74. 75 into the early afternoon. and again, we're getting a minor impact of the on shore flow. down to the south end of the bay. sanjose. 61 by 1:00. 87 at 3:00. many areas see numbers returning to the 90s, again, today as we will see in the east bay. do want to show on the fog tracker here, as we go forward with the day today, and into tonight most importantly just before dawn, we'll still see that fog developing. that shows a little bit of that high weakening just a touch. still going to stay parked over the southwest. those folks there are still going to have more of the same. this is going to give us a slight reduction of temperatures. not a cooling but not as hot. let's call it that as we go forward through the rest of the week before away warm back up again in time for the weekend. here's the warmup today, we'll say some 90s to the far east bay. the east bayshore line into 60s and 70s. with the peninsula remaining
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somewhat to the cool side. you can see the cooler air spilling into the central valley make some progress coming in from the coast. and just want to show you the southwest because you've heard a lot of news about that. there the triple numbers, las vegas for 110 in the mid- afternoon. phoenix at 106. losangeles at mid-80s zone. don't forget you have an off shore flow working there that tends to be very dry and hot as a nice little package. what does your planning forecast look like. middle 90s for today. let's keep 30 going on for the rest of the week really. >> you want to call it warm, that's fine. into the weekend we go back to hot yet again as the 90s return and maybe reaching for the century mark. right now robin has your trafficup date. speaking of hot i made the 580 west commute a hot spot. all backed up thanks to a couple problems. accident 580 westbound. as soon as that one cleared the
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second crash popped up. three lanes of traffic blocked. three left lanes, several vehicles are involved here. i'll step out of the way. you can see all the heavy traffic stretching into livermore. going to be jammed back from airway. so the a least 50 minutes to get from tracy up to the dublin interchange because of that crash. so definitely keep an eye on it. richmond center bridge there was a little problem, a ladder in the road and it added to all of the heavy traffic. now it steps all the way out to harbor. much heavier traffic. then it's smooth all the way across the span into the north bay. checking in on 92 a live look at the ride, the usual jam up leaving hayward starting right around industrial. off and on through the high rise but less than 30 min tights get from 880-101. coming back we'll check onto the bay bridge ride into san francisco. lots of heavy traffic out of
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livermore into dublin. several attempts by democrats to make it more difficult for suspected terrorists to buy handguns have all failed to get enough vets to move forward in the u.s. senate. there were four amendments that were voted on yesterday and they all failed. none of them gained the 60 votes necessary to advance. they came over a week after. shooting massacre in orlando, florida. 49 people were killed. and the shooter has been the focus of two terror investigations he described himself as an islamic soldier in the 911 call during the shootings. meantime attorney general loretta lynch is heading to orlando to meet with prosecutors, first responders and families of the shooting victims. well, even though the senate didn't have enough support. public support is growing for stricter gun control measures. a new poll found support for stricter gun control rose by 9%. that's the highest level since the 2013 shooting at sandy hook elementary in new town, connecticut. the poll does find a major
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division between parties. 78% of democrats favor tougher gun laws, compared to 29% of republicans. >> here in the bay area san francisco supervisor is introducing a new proposal which calls on the retirement board to stop investing in companies that participate in firearm and ammunition manufacturing. supervisor farrell released the statement on your screen u. receipts san francisco should not be in the business of investing in companies that enable the senseless gun violence that wcontinue to see day after day in our communities across the country. and city leaders are also boosting security for san francisco's pride celebrations this coming weekends all in the wake of the orlando massacre. city leaders met yesterday morning. they talked about security and the various emergency plans that they're going to put into place. they expect as many as a million people to come into san francisco to attend this weekend and for the first time, too, security screening at the civic center for the celebration there. so that's something you're not used to but it will be in place this year.
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organizers are also setting up a text alert system that you can sign up for if you're planning on app ting. and there will be extra bart trains running, as well. bart says it will open early at 7:00 on sunday, ahead of the parade, then early trains are going to be running at 20 minute intervals, then there will also be additional trains running throughout the day, as well to try and get everybody to and from wherever they need to go. and police in the south bay are looking for a suspect wanted in mail theft. paloalto police say three mail theft suspects fled from an officer and crashed a car earlier this month. in the car they found items stolen from residents. 2000 suspect were caught. -- two of the suspects were caught. on june 7 they responded to reports of mail theft on monroe drive. the suspect car sped away and crashed into a concrete divider. police caught two people but a
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man got away. officers say most of the stolen items they found were taken from mailboxes in atherton and menlo park. back to san francisco where city police say they're facing an epidemic of car burglaries. auto burglaries reportedly nearly 25,000 of them last year. those burglaries alone resulted in more than $19 million in property theft. the report says that career criminals are considered the driving force behind most of the crimes. the grand jury, in fact, says the problem is not isolated to any one part of the city they're recommending that the sfpd deal with gangs city wide. they also suggest using data a analysis to try and help police identify and predict future crime trends. the flight data recorders pulled out of the mediterranean sea after. crash of egyptair flight may not be readable. a technical team is wishing to repair crucial memory chips dam independently the black boxes.
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>> investigators are still trying to determine if those chips can be repaired. both black boxes were recovered last week but officials say they were badly damaged by the impact of the crash and by sea water. egyptair flight 804 crashed with 66 people on board in a flight from paris to cairo. they should know within the next week if the damaged memory chips are readable. and look at the scene here in belgium after police say a man claimed to have a bomb belt. a section of central brussels was shut down during the rush hour this morning. this vo just into kron 4 news. a bomb squad found only salt and cookies in the belt. man has been taken into questioning. he's a history of psychiatric problems. police are also questioning a second man suspected of driving that man to the scene near a shopping mall. still ahead, investigators still trying to figure out how a massive fire started in san
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francisco. we'll hear from a woman who lost everything. >> after the break you may want to hold off on take 10:00 many selfies. why doctors say they could be causing wrinkles. >> and here's a live look outside. the san mateo bridge sunshine this morning means hot temperatures this afternoon. that's the weather story as we head deeper into the day. make sure you got some shade, water, find yourself some air conditioning this afternoon.
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welcome back, the times 7:25 i'm track a hot. so a multi-car crash on 580 west at hop yard blocking the three left lanes. that includes your express lanes, too. so emergency crews are on scene. chp issued a traffic alert. five vehicles involved and the backup stretches wait into livermore back from 84. right beef this accident at hop yard there was a separate crash at ha see en da. not looking so good right now. at least an hour for 580 west from tracy through the heavy traffic and up to the 580, 680 spirit. so far there's no estimate if this is your commute, leave at least 20 minutes early. netflix is quietly released a new logo for the social median site. take a look. the simple red n is now appearing on netflix's instagram, facebook and twitter profiles. it will also soon be the new
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icon for the mobile a.m. the company says the new icon will be used in addition to the low go. marketing experts say this may not be the best idea. because it could create brand confusion. most people on social media they like the new idea of the new icon. you might want to think twice before snapping a morning selfie. it occurred be giving you wrinkles. apparently at least according to a new study. >> not to mention. the doctors say regularly exposing your face to the light and electromagnetic radiation from your phone can damage your skin and ultimately cause wrinkles, by speed up the aging process. >> researchers say the blue light that's emitted from the screen offerer attorney can have the same effect as the sun. but in this case sunscreen will not protect you. and oh, guess what, it's a national selfie day. >> . [laughter] >> the story comes out just as everybody's snapping a shot. i wonder if it's. same problem with computer screens. you have to take a lot of
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selfies. >> people do take a lot of selfies. another headline, people in savannah are on their phones -- in san francisco are on their phones too much. this is according to a new report from bank of america. the sur ray says 22% of people who live in san francisco think they're on their phone too much. that's compared tour 52% of people who think others are guilty of being on the phone too much. so researchers also found that in the average day about a third of people interact with their smart phone. more than their loved ones. yikes. that's not good. want you to reach for a rotary dial phone. that's like hey. here's the forecast going on for downtown san francisco. 68. high mostly sunny, few scattered clouds kind of thrown in there as we approach the late afternoon. pleasant and breezy. we'll have details on that forecast with the warmup in store.
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>> that warmup has caused a second day in a row we're going to talking about the weather coming up in alive report.
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coming up on 7:30. so far so good. >> so far. going to be hot again today. >> the sun just joins us for a come hours. okay, the day's good. >> right now temperatures are warming a little bit. >> those inland spots still ant business of the 90s. so keep the water flowing. take the water bottle with you. good planning on that. live camera, live shot at the gold ep gate. we did have a little bit of fog streaming in. it's going to repute that process, again, for tonight. what's that going to do? well, maybe take a slight egoist temperatures. compared to the napers down to the south we have the high
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pressure in place. still have all the players doing what they do. here's a look for temperatures right now. 60 oakland. 62 for concord. elsewhere pretty much of a 50s story. off to the west and knot bay pretty much in the 50s there. sanjose you have 62 already. next eight hours here's how it shakes down. 92 hot inland by 3:00. we'll see the bay reach well in the business of the 70s in the afternoon. many areas will see the 80s, too. but the immediate shoreline expect it guy 70s with the coast also being treated to the 60s. oakland, 57 at 7:00 a.m. up to one cloak where it's 74. 75 by 3:00. again, some morning fog. we will revisit, again, for tomorrow morning. take a closer look at that in the 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. 580 westbound at hop yard a multi-vehicle crash. take a look, is this your commute? it's at a crawl. it's already jammed back from
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84. that's coming out of livermore but the latest updates they're saying they hope to have this out of the way within the next 5-10 minutes. some of the express lanes are blocked, too. before that, there was a separate accident at one exit away. this is not heaping. the backup continues. i'll switch to the dive time. 580 west out of tracy to the dublin interchange a whopping 61 minutes. heavier than normal beaters at least they hope to have it cleared. no mainly interest problems for north 101. want to continue the team coverage now of the bay area heat that continues today. and it's going to be a little stagnant, too. line the hills in oakland where boy, jackie on a normal day we'd have a great shot of the city we can barely make it out. >> reporter: son that funny. it's absolutely spectacular
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morning. no wind to speak of but you can see that brown haze that is on securing the city. normally we'd be able to see it just fine. >> because of that, that's why they issued that second spare the air day alert in two days. we expect to see the temperatures climbing because of that. they issued the spare the air alert. that means obviously try not to use gas mowers if cue can, take mass transit in. try to avoid driving as much as possible. you can see the brown haze sitting over us. i'm up here in the oakland hills. this is a point of which the oakland hills fire started. so we're already starting to think about the fire season. still a couple weeks away. you can see how much dry fuel is up here right now. it's never too early to start prevention. we're already seeing fires down in the southland. so not today, we don't want to do it today. but when you got a chance get that defensible state around your house. we already see some areas around here taking care of it. don't do it on warm days.
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wait until it cools off. today's probably not the day to do it. absolutely perfect up here. no wind to speak of. that's why that haze that's sitting over the city isn't getting blown away. we expect to see the temperatures continues to rise all day. the view what we could see of it anyway, stay update on the latest weather and traffic. download our mobile app. it's free. a great resource for breaking news right there in the palm of your hand. other stories we're following city workers in san francisco are trying to find new housing after there was a massive fine over the weekend. the fire happening here saturday near mission and 29th street. six buildings were damaged. 58 people lost their homes and at least two restaurants. a bar and hardware store have been shut down. it's not clear how many people may have lost their jobs as a result. and kron 4 news spoke with a
7:35 am
woman in one the buildings. she said she lost everything including her two cats. >> they died. somebody found the bodies. so they're going to -- when we go tomorrow they're going to get them and at least i'll be able to give them a proper burial. >> city inspectors red tagged two buildings that will probably need to be demolished. fire investigators are still trying to figure out how it started. well to the east bay now where nine people lost their home in afore in antioch. you can see the photo here of the aftermath. this started 6:00 yesterday evening on auto center drive. fire protection district tweeted this photo showing what's left. there isn't much. firefighters say it spread from one house to a second home because of fallen pine needles. again, they recommend when we have hot weather like this to keep all that debris and fuel clear from around your property. it took firefighters about half an hour tour get the fire under
7:36 am
control. they're estimating it caused $175,000 in damage. now we have five adults and four children with no home to go to. and decision 2016 news, republican party officials will be watching for any changes in donald trump's campaign style and strategy after he ousted his top aide corey lewandowski. trump said at the time it had come for a change in direction which is something many have been demanding for several weeks. lewandowski said he understood the move and he still supports trump. we're now learning that the man who was arrested at a trump rally over the weekend told investigators that he tried to grab an officer's gun so he could kill donald trump. a 19-year-old michael sanfield was arrested in las vegas. he drove from california to a vegas gun range to learn to shoot e. he later went to the rally where he was arrested for trying to grab an officer's gun. the democratic side of
7:37 am
things hillary clinton search for a running mate is moving into a more intense phase. we've heard from campaign aides that say they are contacting a smaller pool of candidates asking store personal if ma unsettled and setting up interviews. those on the short list we've heard include massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, virginia senator tim cane and housing secretary julian castro. vermont senator bernie sanders, apparently is not on the short list of vice presidential candidates. meanwhile, a new poll shows clinton leading the race for the white house. here's the latest from ma'am the university. they did a poll released just yesterday it shows clinton league trump 49%-41% among likely voters. he has a strong lead of 27 points among women voters and a more than 4-1 advantage a month minorities. trump leads by 13 points among men and 11 points among white voters. crews are removing sand from the great highway in san francisco. crews from the department of
7:38 am
public works start their work. sections of the highway will be closed over the next two weeks. as the area between lincoln lane that will be impacted from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon for 10 days. crews do this every year to prevent sand buildup along the great highway. and coming up, lebron james throws some major shade at the warriors as he steps off the plane in cleveland. coming up we'll talk to gary about lebron's fashion choices and some of the interesting players, the warriors are pursuing going forward. >> and after the break if you're dear saying what to eat for lunch today, which fast food restaurant tops the list as america's favorite. you may have your own guesses on that. >> yes, we do, you know, we do. >> here's a live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning hot this afternoon. hazy situation as high pressure is keeping things a bit compressed. not much wind out there. keep it tuned to kron 4 news we'll keep you updated on weather, traffic and the day's
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headlines coming up. ♪ ♪
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the time is 7:41 our lot spotty the east bay, just clear. look at the map here. 580 west at hop yard a four car crash that happened around 6:40 this morning. cleared from the three left lanes but not without leaving a big backup for those of you coming out of livermore. crawling backed up well beyond highway 84. before the crash at hop yard there was another accident.
7:42 am
you mix it in with commute traffic just over an hour to get from tracy out to dublin. thank you this morning, turns out america's most satisfied fast food customers eat at chick-fil-a. >> that's according to the american customer satisfaction index report for 2016. the georgia based company took the top spot for fast food chainps across the nation. at a time when many afternoon sparementing to draw in more customers. they have stuck to the limited chicken only menu. papa john's in the number 2 spot. little cesars coming in at number 3. you get kentucky fried chicken. >> like the kfc and a&w. >> that's a good combo. >> i've never had a chick-fil- a. >> i hear the customer service is great, clean. >> it's good, too. >> and the waffle fries and the lemonade. >> you're a chick-fil-a a fish na dough. the forecast a hot one today. >> we know what our lunch plans
7:43 am
are at 10:30. here's the forecast. it calls for 68 downtown san francisco. oakland, mid-70s going on the low. most of the east bayshore line a little warmer than that. nine going on for san jose a. another hot one for us today. and the next several. we'll check into that a little later. kron 4 news continues.
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very a disappointing because we know how good we are we offal like we're still the best team in the world. and we let that slide. so it hurts right now. and i can't tell you what a disappointment. still hurts for all of us but we're going to try to move forward. >> thank you. get over it will you. >> i'm trying tahoe get over it. >> listen, they go on. goshing this guy pro bably play on the olympic team and curie
7:46 am
will have a good rest. so yeah, feel bad but these guys will move on and, you know, try, again, next year. >> yeah, well, this was great for basketball. >> the ratings came in it was the highest ratings in 18 years. in fact, towards the end other game 44 million americans were watching. >> yeah, well you combine, you know, the warriors drew a following that was tremendous, then you had lebron on the other side. and it was a good show. >> it really was. i was issues arrived at how low -- i was surprised at the percentage. 46% of tvs in cleveland. 40% of tvs in the bay area. >> again, we always take for granted those of us who love sports we think boy, this is the greatest thing going but what is it half the people found something else to watch. >> i can't believe it. >> yeah, well, i don't believe it either but you got to remember this is -- wouldn't it be fun to find out what other people were watching? >> yeah, that would be fun. next time we'll do a little
7:47 am
callathon and find out next finals. >> you do it let me know. >> drake, 60 grand lighter because of the game. and i guess, you know, drake bet on steph curry with the shot, right? >> yeah, pro ebola needs the money after he used to be with kardashian. so there you go. drake and steph curry supposed to be buddies. >> 0-100 great song by drake with the steph curry lyrics in it. do you know what drake's net with is $88 million. >> well, boy, he writes stuff. he performs. those guys, i guess, you hit it right. good for him. but just think of his taxes. >> he did it for tax purposes. >> okay. >> maybe. so you accused me of being a lebron hater. >> you were not -- well, it's funny, what's the real nice -- the really nice guy, grant, was
7:48 am
the same way. he just didn't want to give him his due. >> do you know what, after i present to you gary exhibit a. for him to be wearing an ultimate war your t-shirt getting on the plane and flying home, i mean, come on. >> that's all he had after that party in vegas. >> yeah, that's all that's left in his suitcase. >> that's all that was clean. at least he had j.r. smith didn't even have a shirt. >> that's right. that's pretty rude, gary, don't you think. >> j.r. smith look at that. he didn't have a shirt on. >> well, when you have that many that's it looks like you have a shirt on. >> that's an ag shall. is that a warriors shirt? no. >> it's an ultimate warriors shirt. don't tell me that just happened what was in his suitcase he did that on purpose. >> i can't tell you how to feel. to me, i'm more concerned with j.r. without his shirt. what if it was cold. >> yeah, you're right if he did that commercial they never would have let him on the plane. >> it's funny because they were all this talk his daughter got a lot of play.
7:49 am
i guess she was interviewed on espn. and she was asked, i want to say she's about two years old she says oh, you love basketball. >> she says oh, yeah, i'm very happy because my daddy didn't get kicked off this team. yeah, really. >> that's pretty funny. >> you know, he cried after. i mean, real emotional scene. then he goes takes his shirt off. let's put all that to bed. so we have the what are the warriors going to do next year? we heard all the kevin dur rant talk. now, they're saying that the warriors are going after -- nowitzki. >> you want to get a guy but what's he mid-30s? >> 38. >> three. at the tail end of his career? >> yes, one year left with dallas and then open up the contract. this is basically i think what the warriors are going to do wind up making dallas pay pore money for him after again, these guys, they d this stuff
7:50 am
24 hours a day. so if we're healthy individuals we worry about it maybe two hours. >> yeah. >> but i don't see that. if you get durant, then you're -- that's the future right there. but know vit ski i don't see it. >> is there a chance for durant? is this a pipe dream? >> yeah, my deal was always if they lost, right, then they're going to say come on we won't let this happen again. let's go stock up. then you have people who crunch numbers who say it would be near impossible to fit curry's maximum contract and his maximum contract. and klay thompson has a maximum contract. it would be really rough to do. i think you can massage the salary cap. >> but then the other part, is that durant if he stays in oklahoma city another year, can make i think $30 million more. i don't know. all these figures change. but the nba makes the rules so
7:51 am
if you stay with your team, you make a heckuva lot more. >> like drake money almost. >> what did you say how much for drake? >> $88 million. that's his net with. >> he's been in some good songs. >> a great game the giant lost broke their 78 game winning streak. and he's given up two runs or less in the last 12 games. pretty impressive. >> yeah. and you know, the game ended or it was in the 5th inning, had he caught that ball, you know, probably still be playing. >> auto know. so close. it was really exciting at that point. >> yeah, what was it 1-0 pittsburgh. that play at the wall looked like he was going to make the catch. >> i thought he had it. not happy. >> yeah. so we'll leave you with some dancing nuns today. a lot of people were scratching their heads. >> they were watching. nuns sitting there, drinking light beer and then at one point that a got up on top of the dugout they started to dance with the philly
7:52 am
fanatic. >> good for them. so that's nuns are allowed to drink. >> yeah, actually we found out later on that they were actually promoting a play that was golden gate on down the street. >> so these aren't even real nuns. >> they're not even real nuns. >> oh, good. i'm glad because they were last night, boy the kids who put the producers we have nuns drinking beer. let's, leave it out. >> there's a musical going on down the street. it was just a shameless promotion for a musical. >> i have renewed faith. >> so di. catch you on the radio. we'll be right back as kron 4 news continues.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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we're back at 7:45. temperatures around the lunch hour should be mid-80s inland. 70s by the bay. 60s along the coast. and happening today we have the santa clara board of supervisors voting on a new proposal that would provide up to $950 million to address the lack of housing. the issue has become a major concern among people living there. county residents identified housing as the biggest issue in recent surveys racking higher than crime and traffic. the measure would be funded through property taxes by taking $12 from every $100,000 in a home's value. the board of supervisor will
7:56 am
vote today to decide whether it will be on the november ballot. and today the last day of habitat for humanity's 30th anniversary buildathon. the goal was to build six homes in five days. 500 people are participating in the project including many of us on kron for. we'll check in in a live report. and still ahead on the kron 4 news at 8:00 a san jose police officer is being laid to rest today. we'll have a live report as the procession is going to be getting second way. and what you need to know about traffic around the area. later on this morning we will stream the funeral live. >> and the raging wildfires in southern california as part of the state experiences extreme heat well above 100 degrees. we're going to have the latest on the fight to put out the flames. >> here in bait area temperatures heating up once
7:57 am
again. as we're watching another spare the air day. we have coverage on the hot weather. as we got ready for an extended period of hot weather here around the bay area. we'll have more on the forecast and how hot it's going to be for your neighborhood coming up as the kron 4 news at 8:00 begins. a live look we're watching traffic a little bit of haze and smog showing up. traffic unfortunately is bumper to bumper westbound on the right-hand side on the san mateo bridge.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
the chair you his picture with his leaving a wife and two young sons. he was hit and killed by a minivan in in a section in san as a. is the second time in one year at san jose police department has had to say goodbye to one of the rhone. there'll be hundreds of not thousand people in attendance. dignitaries' families and friends will be there. it will leave at this location at 945 in the morning. here is the route to. golan winchester boulevard into campbell and then will go to stevens creek boulevard. then on the west san carlos st.. your
8:03 am
courage if you do not want to be there and avoid it. you need to give them a couple of hours have patience with them he. if you need to be there people are returnees' use public transportation because will be busy. what happens if we will carry a life free of. >> james: we have a list of meese's specific closures and the timeline of events that could be information or to get to know that don kron 4 doc, we oblique streaming the more alive on a web site as well as our mobile. health those resources for youths. >> mark: a new person is in charge of the oakland police permit. this comes as the element county d.a. office is dealing with the scandal. kron 4
8:04 am
brooke for scandal. the department also dealing with the text messaging scandal. if former homicide in the skidder's also accused of letting his girlfriend right of post police reports on ninth. we learn that decorated sergeant be invested for domestic violence were also learning that another investigator is on administrative leave. investigators say has nothing to do the sex scandal that has been at inappropriate behavior. we know another investigation in that same office was implicated in the sex scandal. david downing is leaving the day-to- day operations for the zero pd. they will search for a permanent chief. he will be reporting directly to administrators. that's to the mayor put in
8:05 am
charge of police kron 4 spoke with the kaufmann to see the downing of the senate and. >>: odyssey he is a very honorable man. he is pretty straightforward. he will not tamper you. that is what we are looking for. follow rules. >> mark: g. flanders after the scandal surfaced about the underage girl. another was appointed chief when news of good and fair also planned service. that call for direct exit the design and then decided he wanted it. a high-ranking police sgt is also at the center of the department >> james: by cans played a key role in several incidents in cash occluding accusations that
8:06 am
his girlfriend as writing in posting sensitive police documents on social media. if you like to read more on the story our coverage continues on- line on a web site at kron 4 dot com. vivisection and every story that includes a tax matches fluting the call girl. the core we infielder heard such a story and you can see what the of the mayor has to say about this. it's all there on kron 4 dog,. >> mark: is the hottest start summer ever in three states. firefighters are looking to put out fires down the necks of the border. another is sure-fire in santa barbara county. firefighters planned to lift the pindus it beetle lift the
8:07 am
evacuation orders. containment. about the to the meantime to fast-moving fires broke out in the national force yesterday. investors believe that one was sparked by car ran off a highway and that made it so was born into more to square miles. >>: >> mark: the second fire started shortly after the first one. problem will closures and mandatory evacuations. now firefighters are expecting the fed to fires will merge. and that will make a massive fire. >> james: l. for the bay area is on the way he. these are pictures that were posted by the alameda county. it was late last night piquancy to the teams there to engines in total are going to help the two fires in
8:08 am
the san gabriel announced. there is hope on the way it. >> mark: there would record- breaking heat in the western u.s. has been blamed for release five deaths. firefighters also battled fire in the east bay he. next up there is spotted running loose enough for that never had. there's a plan to get the animal back in the wild. here's a look from the san detailed bridge. traffic is moving slowly at a sluggish.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> robin: we have no hot spots in traffic. 92 the righteous and the center of a bridge and from the nimitz and he worked all the way to what role in the senate they know they're no problems on the bridge there is just a lot of heavy traffic. the ticket is 25 minutes the for the mesa through san detailed. now for amnesty from tracy to dublin in. it's a nice improvement. at one point it would've taken over an hour to do the trip. looks like i despite a new problem in sunnyvale there's a lot of heavy traffic and to lady in cupertino. i will have a complete check coming up. >> james: police officers have
8:12 am
spotted a black bear that and running loose in the florida the red. a police officer spotted the bear and unrelated call. the officer first thought was maybe a large dog and then realized it was quite a bit bigger than the dog. it crawled up in the tree. he watched the bear country in the backyard of the home. that made it more urgent. police say officials are waiting to tranquilize the air after that the bear will be returned to the wild. officers and nobody in the neighborhood is in the immediate danger. >>: >> dave: is a midday temperatures and 37 along the east bay shoreline. for those in the spots we have '80s and '90s later in the day. i'll have a forecast a latino how hot it will get kron 4 news will continue.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> james: we're tracking the record-breaking heat that is the west. to hikers had been arrested in california. the saponin palm desert and help to people who were suffering the injury. but the time the two were rescued a 1030 in the morning it was already 111 degrees. the hot is not over
8:16 am
yet. temperatures could reach all hundred 20 in the southwest desert. in arizona and five people have died as a result of the heat wave. temperatures have an upward and 114 degrees. >> mark: the and the bay area is also with the last long time. >> dave: will say will not be quite as hot. it will get hot again. the best part is the nightly things you could see the temperatures and you get out in the morning hours. these are the inland temperatures in the mid- 60s your. not see that until after sunset. these attempts to try your legacy right out there going on right now. sandoz ag climbed quickly with 81 by noon 86 my 2:00. by 4:00 kobe 86.
8:17 am
>>: slight onshore flow at. most rail will be the morning fog. you could see the job does along the peninsula. you can see all that tomorrow. for future cast gets and '90s. were going to get close to 100 and that would get in the central valley. for the and the sleazy the '50s and '60s and. the north bay ec plan these of these. if you're a lot of southwest. it will be hot again today. temperatures expected be triple digits and beyond. that's the highest part. status will get over 110 degrees. in phoenix and los angeles awarded the pot. los angeles and the central valley that this five-year is a
8:18 am
little bit on the dry side. it's a good news for the wild fires as the rage. were in the extreme western perspective have everything that is going on. >> dave: will return to the the city will not really going down but will be not as hot. thursday will be back into the 90s and maybe 100 as we get early next week. >> robin: that traffic is moving out there. it is just slowly is. active the bay bridge richmond center fell and also the san mateo bridge. by the u.s. down here a toll plaza that back of stretches all the way back out garber. the fairly quiet around here. it will be less than 20 minutes from the pay date. over the golden gate bridge at 11 heading of a severed his goal is looking good
8:19 am
it's definitely picking up. there's no major slowing going and to set straight. checking in on some of the trouble spots out there. you concede that the traffic north out 11 at south san jose and 80 all the way out to sell their. as a new motorcycle accident it's only blocking 19 and adding to the backup that stretch all the way back to south settles a young cattle. that will not help prevent to 80 is wrapping up on cupertino side. push of the drive time to now 34 minutes before a one out to 85. it is increasing the slow traffic. it's always a tough commute and going out of sao jose and cupertino. >> mark: firefighters were working with the fire house in fremont. the fire started at 320 and 3800 block of piecing
8:20 am
haven't. the fire's been detained. the fighters want to know why these fire started. six cats were killed in the fire. >> james: japan is on high alert after sides agree it is preparing for a possible missile launched. they have to watch your interceptors in their defense military in tokyo today. this came after the military saw signs of north to correa preparing for a ballistic missile launcher. they're watching north korea closely. north korea has made for failed missile launches will. but this year as the story begins to develop a. >> mark: the measures in for gun-control laws that have all felt. therefore proposals and they were all voted it down yesterday. that was without garnering the 60 votes necessary to forge. the vote came just a week after the shooting massacre
8:21 am
in orlando florida. a gunman their had been the focus of to any terrorist investigations. he describes itself as an old islamic soldier. meantime or the lynch is heading to orlando prosecutors and spotters' and to seek a families and survivors of the shooting. >> mark: there is public support for stricter gun control measures. a poll this shows that support for this has risen 9%. the poll did find a major division between the local party's. cindy percent of democrats favor tougher laws for guns. this compared to just 29 percent among republicans. >> james: sever school supervisor >> mark: carroll will be introducing a new proposal to date. calling for the return board to stop investing in companies that invest in
8:22 am
firearms and businesses. survivors said that this release. you can see it on the screen in. severed his motion not be in the business investing habits enable the self and defenseless from gun while sec after day in our communities across the country. >> james: sickie officials are boosting security at the gay pride parade. the talk about emergency plans and they say about a million are expected to be at the celebration. they have a lot of measures to keep everybody safe. for the first time dobie secured screening at the civic center plaza. at the center there may be had more security at that venue. getting there may be a problem. people are heading to sources go and
8:23 am
part will be a comedy for this new. (at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. early trains will begin 20 minutes and then-will there will be additional trains running through. >> mark: concerns about bathhouses. it's tangled up in power lines in york. next the last nickel power plant will be closing. plan is to replace the plan with renewable energy. here's a look from the oakland hills looking to oakland. a warm start today with low fog and a little bit of smog
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> james: california's last nuclear power plant is closing. pg&e environment groups reached an agreement it will close in and 2025. dow and the state's nuclear power. is provide 9 percent of california's annual power. the replaced by solar energy and other forms of renewable energy. >> mark: a. about house and the
8:27 am
tangled up in parliament. this is and niagara n.y.. it's set off sparks when the first to the wires. the utility company had a temporary shut off power so workers could remove the doubts and. the kids of the party just got our but. two minutes before it was blown up into the air. >> reporter: a second day of fighting interspersed another hot day. what's more information and a live report. >> dave: in openly high temperature is expected in the mid-70s. delete plenty hot all along the bay area. we'll have your forecast later when kron 4 news continues
8:28 am
hi. is the internet still out? yes! come on. work together. work together. do you have anything? no i don't have anything.
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please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on. >> james: >> mark: will get at look at traffic and weather. >> dave: timber tree will be in the 90s today. here the golden gate bridge we had little befog stinky in. this is how the forecast extent. oakland is a 74
8:30 am
right now. 89 the will have a san jose. while plenty of the '90s and the east valley. lavish few scattered clouds around here. staff job for the lunchtime temperatures easily shrink should be in the '70s. as a right now is 81. it will be filled with the 90 degree temperatures throughout this area. downtown will be 68 and the north bay lobby the lower 80s by the noon hour. >> james: we continue to follow the leaves of the heat this morning. the story as told by our reporter is that some the haze is out there. it is a little smoggy. >> jackie: they did issue a bad error date. the second day in a row this happen. in the
8:31 am
background and has cleared up a little bit in the last half hour we. your story feel a little off shore breeze flowing to less. it is you could see the brown haze over there and the skyline. that means don't use a gas mowers or weed eaters today. if he can take mass transit. at the oakland hills where we started hot temperatures we start talking of fire danger. fire season is still a couple weeks ago alway. you could see a lot of dry air fuel appear already. it's reminder for people to knock down around your home indefensible space. you'll want to knock down before we get into july and august. as when we will see the fire danger in july and august. or the next full days it
8:32 am
is dry right now is perfect appear adequate health. all the people are riding a bike surly ticket out a way of the heat. >> james: did that early- morning exercise in before the heat comes in. the contract the hot temperatures on or mobile cap. it is free for apple and android devices. as for getting to work we have traffic rob. >> robin: west, sought out a set date. so 11 at no. expressway. a motorcycle went down in the two left flank or blocked. there's a lot of heavy traffic there. a bird is the crews are stuck in the backup which stretches all the way in the south sandals and you could see how heavy is expect all we did hilliard. and 75 minutes to get from 85 through the scene of
8:33 am
the accidents and all the way up to two-thirds of. it's an event were backed up your commute. make sure you leave early. also trapping some heavy traffic in a severed his what northbound to lady and osha. the bee out full recommended the city estimates from three in central madrid and traffic all the way to win one. >> mark: city workers and services go or try to find housing for does the people whose house burned down in the massive fire in the mission district over the weekend. the fire happening over saturday new machine and. the desert people lost their home. police to restaurants a bar and other buildings were shut down. at this point they do not know how many people have lost their jobs. this book and what woman who is in the building. says she has lost everything including your cats. >>: they died somebody found the
8:34 am
bodies. they're going to get them and will have a proper burial. >> mark: cities sectors red bag to buildings that will probably need to be demolished. in a scare to try to figure out what started the fire. " >> james: there's a page court during card receipt. the reports to be a support group for procter he is the stanford trimmer who was put in six months for gel for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. they're referred to as turner as the victim there also. oppose calling the case against him a conspiracy to keep from realizing his olympic dreams. torricelli spoke out throughout the lawyers and say not in this phase of a page. >> mark: republican party officials are watching for any changes in dull trump's campaign
8:35 am
strategy he. as ousted his top aide. he says there is a change of direction needed. some republicans have been demanding this. that aid says the and this is the mood and the still supports star trek. >> mark: in man was arrested at trump campaign. he told ms. skeeters they tried to grab an officer's gun. he wanted killed donald trump. he was arrested saturday at a rally in las vegas and was living in his car and was in the country illegally. he had driven from california to las vegas. he went to the rally at the casino where is arrested for trying to grab an officer's gun. >> james: the democrats with a portland they're searching for a running mate. there now contacting a smaller pool of
8:36 am
caddis. they're asking about partial information and setting up interviews to to the vetting process. those on the short list include elizabeth warren tim kane and to lancaster. what about vermont senator bernice sanders? the clinton campaign says he is not on their short list. in the poll says the clinton is leading the race for the white house. it shows clinton leading trump 49% to 41%. that was a survey of likely voters. is a fairly strongly among women voters and more than 41 average among minority voters. trump does lead among when and 11 points among women. >> mark: several members of kron 4 or at the habitat for
8:37 am
humanity. theresa >> reporter: is a great day that we're out here in martinez. we're going to be building this new home that will be going to a family. joining me from habitat for humanity is as loving woman. she's gonna be talking about why it is so sick of it to come the other and be a part of the community and to help the community. >>: we all know there's that housing prices in the bay area. it is hard for working families to find a and affordable place to live. we bring the community gathered it would bring sponsors together really sums the families put in hours of volunteer work. the helms got and give them a place to live.
8:38 am
>> reporter: walker this what we are going to be doing. we can see some people out there right now. tell me what specifically will be doing? >>: was started five days ago there were just foundations. we build some from the ground up the day. we're finishing the roof and bedecking all along the roof. planning exterior. little did they is have it completely framed and cheat at the and again. >> reporter: after that you have other colleges coming in to begin the electrical and internal stuff. >>: it takes about a year to billy's houses we have volunteers from people who have no expert is the destruction.
8:39 am
but we have people that will tell you how to do that. of course the year with all the interior finishing at the auto plumbing. will be handing the keys for the people in the home. >> reporter: i can't tell you how exciting it is to be here. >>: i'm working here for a long time and i love my job. when a bill like this and come down the hammer and get on the roof antenna else it is just great i love it. >> reporter: coming up and about an hour pretty will be out here and talking about volunteering. should be talking about the heat also. it will be hot today. it will be super hot. irvine have to wear cool stuff all day long. it will be a scorcher today. now becoming and about an hour. i will go get to work.
8:40 am
>> mark: you lot of work of habitat for and humanity. >> james: mystifying sure you have a watercolor. >> mark: webb mormon kron 4 news continues. ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there
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8:43 am
>> robin: i checked the hot spot in the south bay. as the no. expressway a motorcycle went down and the two left wings are blocked. is backed up all the year balbuena. 280 will not help as an alternate it is. also recovering from a traffic accident. there's a lot have traffic to talk about. will have a complete check after the break.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> james: were talking about the weather here. >> dave: the trend for the weekend we will not be as warm. it will still be hot. we will backup and warmed up again. for a 64 in oakland. mostly in the
8:46 am
'60s to agree in this area. we'll be in the,. '60s the by noon will be hit 81. we retreat by six iraq to 81. we have fairly dry air coming through. there is a little bit of an onshore flow which is not helping with the pollution situation. in a good five degrees from what it ought to be. this made the one reason we got these numbers in the far east bay. you can see for tomorrow the same performance as well. will bring down the visibility numbers to below 10 ill be quite thick and southbound. requite toasty south area. year-ago the warm-up will
8:47 am
beninese and in the '90s and the far east bay. on the base perimeter will be in the '60s and and severed his co 7. the eighth in nevada. the cold out and come. you can see all the way to the central valley with that. they said a forecast will be hot for today. in the future this is how we do it. >> dave: another warm-up will cop popeye than and friday saturday sunday. we'll be in the mid to upper 90s by then. >> robin: at high we won one it is a tough ride for. those few going at a south bay this morning and. accident out of no. 11 and no. expressway the. as for the motorcycle went down the to left wing for black. the drive time is 76 minutes from 85 up to that area. it's not a great alternate at to 80. 85 thanks to an early accidents.
8:48 am
and north santa lady ocean street is looking better. three daily city its stop and go from of shot 11. checking some drive *. at 24 west is pretty normal. it's 20 minutes from walnut creek to oakland. the usual jam is emerging from 580 on 238. it will take up after yet the 14th. knesset's day from a any at 880 north from to lady after 11. be a quick and a trip. at his right going in source code they bridge is backed up as usual. it is sitting out of the carpool lane. the casting faster planes are still backed up. mobile lesson for 30 minutes from the maze to the cross the bridge. >> james: preserve and removing sense from the highway and
8:49 am
severed his. the work was begun as public works group. they're clean section the highway and the sections will be close of the next two weeks. they're between lincoln way cancel boulevard will be impacted. the lobby from 7 a morning from 4 to the afternoon. will take about 10 days to. get this to to cruised to this every year to prevent sand from building up from the ocean beach to the high weight. at east bay temperaments are awake and attract popular trail. cut across the state valley the park district say their research and another 60 mi. stretch. the entire stretch in issue 68 cruiser also removing and replacing damaged asphalt. it talked about three and a dozen of us to do all the work. st. will be done by the end of july. >> mark: l. library in the trust
8:50 am
and south carolina is being named after when the victims of the shooting. she worked for the town library for 31 years and was the manager the branch being named after her. children visiting the library will receive free books donated. was killed one your goal loss eight others at the emmanuel a church. >> james: thomas years of looking into the death of and tunnels from star trek. they're working with los angeles authorities to investigate his death the 20. central actor was found dead in the driveway of his duties city home. that was early sunday morning. this a good showing that home and to conceive a security fence buckled his two. thus affecting keep turkey ran and hid in against a fence and the bill lacks color. yeah chrysler had to issue a recall for the car back in april because of
8:51 am
problems with the gear shifters federal. visitors are trying to reach owners of the french charity to make sure and park it. >> mark: the terrible boy was killed by an alligator in florida is being laid to rest. yet this will happen in north carolina u.s.. grab by delegates and pulled in the grand fleury and results. his father jumped after the boy was unable to rescue him. his body was found the next. as an added signs to results to resorts they will be joined those to warn of alligators. >> james: authorities looking for a suspect of mail theft. in the car police found items from san mateo residents. these people about identified as
8:52 am
suspects. police say the seventh direct response to reports of mail theft on monroe drive and palo alto the suspects drove away and crossed in 28 and crashed into the divider. this alliance were found in mail boxes and they're taken atherton in and the park. >> mark: thurston year-old truck run was arrested sunday night after burglar was reported in the p s district. she broke into a home and walked into a bedroom. a walk up and started screaming. she ran away from home and was later arrested. 1970 had been arrested on suspicion of suspicion of stealing an ambulance and a crushing debt and treasure island. >> james: e. conceivable cuts
8:53 am
over talking over the phones this. met with chiropractors about the danger of over using phones and stay in the posture. >> reporter: tex-mex is a overuse system a position. >> reporter: everyone is always looking down especially the young crown while they're looking at their phones. this is not the best position for the human spine. >>: going the opposite direction of what they should be going. they're stressing out the muscles and ligaments of the neck. your head goes forward it goes back to the heavier for the neck. it makes a much much harder to stay in such a
8:54 am
prolonged posture. can cause spinal arthritis. >> reporter: dr. thomas runs a chiropractor's office. he says tenures ago he treated very few teenagers for this. now diller he's seen it under patients from or getting his pain from overusing gadgets. now they are down just all the time. they are bending their necks in the wrong direction. >> reporter: dr. thomas there's a simple stretching the check your kids do from day to keep them from coming to see him. >>: this is the opposite of texas tech. clark
8:55 am
>> mark: a block of david bowie share is up for auction. we'll tell you how much people are expecting to pay for that. traffic is starting to line up as we head to the next hour. hal
8:56 am
8:57 am
games >> james: and auction house is expected to have david a lot of david bowie's hair to fetch $4,000. it comes from a former employee at the wax museum in london she. stepson of his hair back in the '80s from zero for a wake of the wax fast figure of the souvenir. he died of liver cancer this year. it will try to raise money for charity. >> mark: will lessen an hour away from the funeral procession for fallen police officer. also new person is in charge of the oakland police department. by that will oversee the over day operations. we're all striking a
8:58 am
very hot weather in the bay area it will last for quite a while. here the temperatures the tracking for your neighbor.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
a sickly some patchy coastal and bay fog. for the afternoon it still toasty inland. it's a 90s story. right now traffic. let's head to the 92. the san mateo bridge is still packed. a lot of commute traffic. starting at the south connector it's jammed into you get to the high-rise. after that it picks up. it's an okay ride leaving foster city. let's head over to drive times. highway 101. northbound from 85 up to 237.
9:02 am
whopping 70 minutes. that because of earlier motorcycle crash. it's out of the way but still packed. 16 minutes to concorde for west for. -- 4. i will take a look at the bay bridge coming up. our top story this morning san jose, a police officer will be laid to rest. a public service scheduled for the sap center. we are live at the darling & fischer chapel of the hills where the funeral procession for officer michael katherman will begin. >> reporter: this is several miles away. we're 45 minutes from the start of the procession. dozens of officers are showing up. you can see motorcycle police officers are in front.
9:03 am
michael katherman was a police motorcycle officer. there are more officers on the side. the procession will last 45 minutes. let's show you a picture of michael katherman leaves behind a wife and 2 young sons. he was on his motorcycle in san jose when he collided with a minivan at an intersection. it appears to be an accident. the driver stayed at the scene. the cause of the investigation -- accident still under investigation. this is the 2nd time in one year that the san jose police department has to say goodbye to one of their own. last year an officer was killed by a suspect. many people will be in attendance. we expect officers from across the country and dignitaries. take a look at the screen. it will last quite some time. it will dominate the roads. the route will turn into
9:04 am
winchester boulevard into campbell and right onto stevens creek boulevard. it becomes west san carlos street and it will head north to the arena. if you do not need to be down here throughout the procession route, avoid it altogether. if you need to be there and there is no way around it, try to take public transportation. it starts at 10:30 am and kron4 will have that for you on our website. it's very emotional this morning. i'm not even approaching police officers. it is very sensitive and i have tears in their eyes. when it leaves the funeral home we will carry a life. >> we will check back for live updates. and on our website we have a list of specific road closures and a timeline of events. we will also be streaming the
9:05 am
memorial live on our website and our free mobile app. for the 5th time this month a new person is in charge of the oakland police department. this comes as the department and alameda county das office deal with several scandals. kron4 1st broke the scandal involving underage call girl and multiple officers. they are also dealing with a racist text messaging schedule. a former homicide investigator is accused of letting his girlfriend right and post- police reports online. now we have learned a decorated sergeant was arrested for domestic violence which was kept quiet until a public records request was filed. we're learning a 2nd da investigator is on ministry to leave. the das office says he used to be an oakland police officer. investigators say he is not connected to the sex scandal but it does have to do with inappropriate texting. another investigator in the same office was implicated in the sex scandal. now acting as assistant police
9:06 am
chief david downing. the city searches for a new permanent chief. he is the highest-ranking member of the oakland police department and will be reporting directly to the city administrator. that is who the mayor put in charge. >> elected say is he is a very honorable man. he has years of experience. he is pretty straightforward so he is not going to pamper you. that is what we are looking for. we are here to do a job. follow the rules. >> oakland has lost 3 chiefs in the last week and a half. then was brought over as interim chief and was stripped of the title 1 once news of an affair 10 years ago service. then paul accepted the position but decided he no longer wanted
9:07 am
it because his wife would be in the spotlight. he stepped down. more on one of the scandals. the high-ranking oakland police sergeant is at the center of one of the scandals. kron4 has learned that sergeant michael gantt has played key roles in one of the incidents. accusations that his girlfriend was writing and posting sensitive information. he is also responsible for leaking racially charged text messages. there is a lot of the story to cover and there's a lot more online. on our website we have a full section on each story since we broke the scandal. at the center of the scandal is the call girl. you can see her side of the story. you can also see what the mayor has to say about the scandal. it's the hottest start to summer ever here in 3 western
9:08 am
states. including california. firefighters are scrambling to put out for massive wildfires burning in california. one is in the town of potrero your the us-mexico border. the other is the sherpa fire in santa clara. evacuations will be lifted tomorrow morning. that has been burning for about 1 week. it is twersky where -- 12 mi.2. there are 2 wildfires in the angeles national forest. investigators believe one was sparked by a car running off the highway. that one quickly grew to more than 2 mi.2. >> the fire is burning in very steep terrain. with very heavy vegetation on the west side of the canyon. the 2nd fire started shortly after the 1st one. that prompted road closures and mandatory evacuations. firefighters are expecting the 2 fires to merge into one massive fire sometime today. help for the bay area is on the way. these pictures posted by twitter
9:09 am
-- on twitter. 2 engines and a strike team from the east bay will help battle the 2 fires the broke out around los angeles. still ahead, police from the east bay bust a brothel in a quiet neighborhood. hear how the owner was reportedly able to lure women to work there. a fast food employee attack caught on camera. a live look at the bay bridge. the pictures are starting to warm up. the traffic is still backed up this morning.
9:10 am
welcome back. if you use 580 westbound it is
9:11 am
still jammed coming out of livermore. an accident is wrapping up. that is why you see along line of heavy traffic coming out of the livermore valley. the drivetime is still high. 30 minutes to get from tracy to the 5 to the 580 split. and tracking an accident on the counter cute them action -- counter commute direction. once again, this involves a motorcyclist, at least one lane blocked. if you have to use 880 s. it will be jammed up heading into san jose. police in dallas are searching for a man who attacked the fast food employee last week. over a milkshake. look at the guy climbing over the counter. he throws the milkshake and then a chair at a 60-year-old working employee. he chases the employee. the employee says it started because the man did not like the milkshake.
9:12 am
the employee says she's afraid to go back to work. police are investigating the incident as an assault. coming up we will talk winners and losers on wall street. we will answer the question about what happened to middle- class america. and how you can get a free taco. thanks to the cavaliers.
9:13 am
9:14 am
no hot spots but it's still slow at the richmond sent fill toll plaza. still pretty heavy approaching the pay gates. this is normal for the 9:00 hour. no major problems getting into the north bay. i will step out of the way the you can see the drivetime. north 11 from 85 coming out of the south san jose. is 53 minutes. traffic is recovering from the earlier cycle accident. north 101 at lawrence. it is blocking 2 lanes and is cleared. eastshore freeway 32 minutes
9:15 am
hercules to the mays. the guadalupe parkway heading north is pockets. a 26 minute trip from 85 heading out to 101. let's jump over to these temperatures. 66 oakland. 73 concorde. 68 hayward. already the sign of things to come with the temperatures timing to the 70s the inland regions. you can expect a lot of that for the week ahead. in the north bay we had a hodgepodge of 60s. 68 for san jose. warm up today, the 90s will encroach the far east bay. close to the century mark in the localized areas of the valley. this will be the maximum warning. the only thing that changed is a slight onshore flow that will
9:16 am
take the edge off more apparently for tomorrow. tonight that takes over as it frequently does. we get that marine mayor up against the shoreline. the beginning of the warm-up by 9:15 am. let's look at the forecast model. there you see the fog breezed by and by 9:15 it cleared out over most of the bay area. haze left over and reduced have the control of a slight onshore flow in place. it won't do much good for the folks in the southwest. offshore flow to the south is not good for the wildfires either. he remains dry and hot. triple digits all over the southwest. this trend will continue for tomorrow. that is a closer proximity of where the high-pressure zone is. your focused goes like this. a couple of 80s as we get to wednesday and thursday. that is taking a breath. with the onshore flow height rebuilding itself. it'll to upper 90s next week.
9:17 am
winners and losers on wall street. our winner today's taco bell. the cavs one here. taco bell the something about stealing again. >> they did it back in the world series. someone stole a base in the 1st 2 games they would give away a breakfast item. this year they are doing a del rio locals tacos. if the game was run this one on the road, long story short, the only good thing to come out of this series is today you get a free taco from 2 pm-6 pm. for taco bell, what a way to get social media and free advertising. >> it's smart for companies like this. 2-6 is a quiet time. no one goes into just get a
9:18 am
taco. they will probably by other things as well. >> low interest rates are back and is that a hint we may not raise interest rates in the future? >> she does and some you animal -- semiannual test money. there's a good chance for senators to get material for their advertisements on getting reelected. we going to do if the economy goes south? she gives a canned answer. she is talking about interest rates, inflation, cyber security. she talked about this all last week. we know what's on her mind. low interest rates through 2018. she is saying things like if england votes to exit the european union that could be a problem. lot of talking at this time.
9:19 am
>> it looks like britain will not be leaving the european union. it will be a close vote on thursday. >> some polls are tied. >> we watch that. and then you answer the question where has the middle class gone? >> that is very true. it's america is not slipping backwards. the rich are getting richer. the middle class can barely make it. but the middle class is so wide, there is the upper middle class, the middle middle class and the lower middle class. in 1979, our incomes have increased since then. because of that we are mostly middle-class. 1.8% earned over $300,000 per year. our richest -- pour anything under 30,000. most of us fall in the middle class area. a large percent, about 17.1%
9:20 am
are lower middle class. 30% are upper-middle-class. that ranges from $30,000 per year to almost $350,000 per year. >> the middle class is alive and well. >> alive and well. >> james wants to know should i manage my 401(k)? >> it comes down to how good you are. target funds are automatically going to be cheaper. they will take your age and you look at the calendar it's roughly 2015 so you add. as you get older it takes less risk. a great concept. and easy way to accumulate wealth. you do-it-yourself. you want to get 20% spread out. you will probably get better returns if you manage it yourself. and you don't cave into fear
9:21 am
and greed. and you don't take too much risk. >> the target fund. it takes a lot of work to manage your own portfolio. >> about 1 hour per week. getting knowledge and not panicking. >> the target fund, if you want more risk, pick a target fund, you could do a retirement fund for 20 years. and get more risk in the longer term. you can do your own laying that way without -- >> if you're going to retire in 2050 and you haven't saved enough, choose a 2065. it will cut down the risk give you more exposure accordingly. >> if you have a question for rob put it on his facebook page and he will try to answer it on the air. we will be right back.
9:22 am
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california's last nuclear power plant will be closing. environmental groups reached an agreement to close the diablo canyon plant. the plant will close by 2025. the 30-year-old plant supplies 9% of california's annual power. that will be replaced with solar power and other forms of renewable energy. it will resolve disputes about the plant. city workers in san francisco are trying to find new housing for dozens of people after their homes burned down in a massive fire in the mission district. here is the fire. it happened on saturday near mission and 29th. 6 buildings were damaged. 58 people lost their homes. to restaurants, a bar and hardware store shut down. it's unclear how many people have lost their jobs. kron4 spoke with a woman who
9:25 am
lost everything. including her cats. >> somebody found the bodies. they did. the going to get them tomorrow and i can give them a proper burial. >> city inspectors red tagged to buildings. fire investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. there is a new facebook page that is causing controversy. it claims to be a brock turner support group. he is the stanford swimmer who was given 6 months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. they're calling it a conspiracy on the facebook page. his lawyer says the family is not behind the support page. there are calls for facebook to support the family support page. for today it will be toasty.
9:26 am
here's a live look. san francisco at 69. some of the fog moved in. pleasant and breezy. elsewhere in the bay will be quite toasty. we will look at that coming up next.
9:27 am
9:28 am
welcome back. an update in the forecast. >> we will see a bigger pop happening into the weekend. all we are going to get is not as warm. we will certainly see hot temperatures. a live look at the bay bridge. blue skies although we are talking about the pollution at the surface components of the high pressure. that has been keeping temperatures high and will do so. we do have a slight, i emphasize slight, on floor show -- onshore flow.
9:29 am
lower 70s inland. upper 60s along the east bay shoreline. san jose, the breakdown is 68, 84 x 1 p.m. we will probably see readings in the south bay well in the 90s for today. over the next 48 hours 70, 9 am. 89 at 5 pm. many areas in the east bay will pop into the 90s. back to you. our team coverage of the heat continues. right now live from the oakland hills. you can see the smog dulling. >> reporter: because of that, they have issued a spare the air morning. the 2nd one in 2 consecutive days. temperatures reaching the 90s out here, it's well on its way now. it feels like it's in the mid- 70s. not a lot of wind. it's a spare the air day. no gas mowers, no gas weed eaters.
9:30 am
encourage you to take mass transit if you can. cut down on the smog. with these hot temperatures we are still a couple of weeks away from the fire season here in the north. in southern california they are starting to see fires. you can already start to see why we are worried about fire season. lots of dry fuel here in the oakland hills. great reminder to get the defensible space. oakland hills is one of these parts. you don't want to do it on hot days, you want to wait until it cools. do it early in the morning or late in the evening. that way you don't spark a fire while you are trying to cut down on the chance of starting a fire. temperatures are increasing. it is absolutely perfect appear right now. i have a feeling in about 2 or 3 hours it will be hot. >> we are waiting for temperatures to jump into the
9:31 am
90s. >> with our kron4 mobile app you can track temperatures anywhere. you also can get traffic alerts. i'm here waiting for traffic to improve. it still packed on 92 across the san mateo bridge. it starting to loosen up a tad but still stop and go from industrial out to 101. checking the right and 101 n. we had a motorcycle accident, that is gone and the drivetime is improving. now 64 minutes from 85 to 237. traffic is recovering but still quite slow from north 101. am also tracking 680 s. is recovering from an earlier accident. if you need to get out of dublin, it's not completely smooth. 28 minutes from the interchange to mission south.
9:32 am
more on our top story. a san jose oh -- police officer will be laid to rest today. we are waiting for the funeral procession to get underway. >> reporter: the procession should start in about 40 minutes. there are hundreds of police officers are ready here. many inside. some of them outside exchanging stories about michael katherman. he was killed in the line of duty last week. he was on his motorcycle and that is why you see motorcycle officers here to pay tribute. they will leave here at 945. 9:45. they will wind their way through the south bay. they will enter campbell and head towards sap center and it should begin at 10:30. there will be police officers, family and friends along with the procession. they are encouraging people if
9:33 am
you don't need to be in the area starting in los gatos all the way to campbell and sap, avoid the area. this will begin at 10:30 or 10:45. many dignitaries will be there as well. he leaves behind a wife and 2 daughters. he was hit on his motorcycle by a minivan. it appears to be a tragic accident. the investigation is ongoing. >> we will check back with an update. we will carry the procession here on our website. we have a list of the specific road closures and a timeline of the event. go to our website. we will stream the memorial live on our free mobile app and our website. other stories. police are busting a fake upscale club in pleasant hill. it was really a brothel.
9:34 am
54-year-old dominic salazar is accused of running the legal sex trafficking business. police say they received a tip about prostitution happening in his home. investigators found the home was being advertised as an upscale private club. he recruited women through a fake modeling business. he was arrested on human trafficking charges. salazar we did not guilty in his 1st court appearance. he is due back in court for a preliminary hearing next week. they'll is $250,000. today is the last day of human -- habitat for humanities 30th anniversary build a fun. we are proud to be a part of it. several members of our team are there helping out. let's go live. how are you doing? >> reporter: we are doing great. we are at a special area and it is the women's crew. the entire house will be built by women.
9:35 am
we learn how to do, to use the compound miter saw. right now we are putting to buy 6 for drywall blocking. why was it important for you to be a part of this? >> i have been involved for about 10 years. i did katrina relief on 2 separate occasions and they need to come home and do something closer to home. something that helps people and families. the women's crew, it's a great way to learn a lot of skills and not have the male-dominated field. >> >> reporter: it gives a chance to be hands-on. >> i have learned enough to do things in my own home. >> reporter: we have cassondra who also works with us. we will head upstairs weather is another set of women who are still helping to put the roof
9:36 am
on. the icy -- the idea is to complete 5 months of work in 5 days. everyone is working from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm. you can see the ladies that here. we want to find rc and she will tell us more about all the ladies are doing here. >> today we are getting a platform for the attic so people who are doing electrical work and venting can get up there. they won't have to crawl through the tresses. we're doing blocking so that everything stays in place. we're putting on hurricane ties. >> reporter: the other thing is some of that home, -- if someone is at home and they want to get involved, can anyone come out and volunteer their time? how does that work? >> anyone can volunteer. we have volunteers wednesday- saturday every day of the year.
9:37 am
you go to our website and click volunteer now and sign up. we will be working here for the next year. people who live there martina it's a great way to get involved. >> reporter: you don't have to have any experience. i didn't even know 8 palm naylor was -- power tool naylor was. >> we will do whatever the task for the day is. people come and say what can someone like i do? >> we do this with people like you every day. 4 we will be here all day. we will send it back to you guys. if you've never operated power tools, just show up with the energy and get ready to get 30. back to you. >> a great cause and kron4 is proud to be a part of it.
9:38 am
we will be right back. a live look outside. temperatures heat up and traffic is still a bit heavy.
9:39 am
9:40 am
earlier traffic was backed up into 880 s. now it's heading to the high-rise portion of the bridge. the backup starts at wet grand. -- west grand. it's often on. for those of you who need to get over to the east bay, south 680 has completely recovered. 15 minutes from concorde to danville.
9:41 am
40 minutes from -- 54 minutes from 85 to 237. good morning. here's a look at our temperatures. still in the 60s along the east bay shoreline. 71 livermore. novato 69. so forget the east bay shoreline temperatures are somewhat controlled because of the onshore flow. here's happen -- the east bay shoreline, the onshore flow slightly in place. that will continue into tomorrow as well. here's the cooldown happening for us. it will be enough to take off the edge. and keep the temperatures below what they would be without it. here is the seven-day forecast.
9:42 am
a slight drop before we pop again next weekend. let's take a look, we are waiting for the funeral procession to begin for officer eichel katherman. he did june 14 when his motorcycle collided with a minivan in san jose. it is san jose's 13th police officer to be killed in the line of duty. his fellow motorcycle officers are getting on their motorcycles right now. we are waiting for the procession to begin in a few moments. it will make its way up winchester boulevard over to sing carlos street, and to the sap center where a memorial service will begin at 11 am. we will follow the funeral procession this morning for san jose police officer michael katherman.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
the funeral procession has begun for a san jose police officer who was killed in the line of duty. motorcycle officer eichel katherman. you see the procession leaving the funeral home in los gatos.
9:47 am
now making its way to the sap center. it's go live. >> reporter: the journey from los gatos to sap center will take about 45 minutes. they left before the scheduled 9:45 am procession. it left around 942. -- 9:42. they will block traffic along the way. they will go into campbell and turn onto stevens creek boulevard which turns to send carlos and heads to sap center. thousands of people will be in attendance. family and friends and officers from across the country. a lot of people made it a point to be at the starting point. what is your name? >> today. >> reporter: why was it important for you to bring your son? >> we respect police officers
9:48 am
and we see them we think them for their bravery and service. when we see an officer having to go through the funeral procession i decided it would be respectful for us to have a moment of silence and be here to show our support and gratitude. >> reporter: what's your name? what you think about what you saw? >> i like police officers so i respect -- >> reporter: you just wanted to see the officer go by. it was very somber wasn't that? to see the coffin loaded. >> very sad indeed. >> reporter: thank you so much for taking this moment with us. there are people standing in the road even though it's gone. the roadway is still blocked. there is a police officer or traffic enforcement officer standing in the middle so
9:49 am
people can safely be there. we expect this to last 45 minutes. from this location to the sap center. you're not sure if governor jerry brown will be there. michael katherman was killed one week ago when he was on his motorcycle. he collided with a minivan in an intersection. the driver stopped at the seam -- seem to try to help but was too late. he leaves behind his wife and 2 young sons. a very emotional time. this is the 2nd time in one year that they have had to say goodbye to one of their own. last year michael johnson was shot and killed by a suspect during a barricade situation. once again michael katherman. the widow of michael johnson is helping the family deal with this. before they pulled away from the location there were officers on guard throughout the night making sure, a symbolic gesture, we have few
9:50 am
and we are here for you. a change of shift officers came to stay around the clock. we will carry the broadcast for you on our website. there is nothing like the pageantry of the police officer funeral. the summer event. >> is the funeral procession makes its way on winchester laborde -- boulevard, and to the sap center. you mentioned officer johnson who was killed last year. officer michael katherman helped the family. he was vice president of the club which is specially trained officers to help families deal with the death of a police officer. and now we are seeing michael katherman being laid to rest.
9:51 am
the memorial will take place at the sap center. he will stream live on our website and kron4 mobile app. we will continue to follow the procession and have more as we continue.
9:52 am
9:53 am
welcome back. a live look as we go to los gatos to see the funeral procession making its way toward the sap center. this is for fallen officer michael katherman. 34-year-old motorcycle officer who was killed in a traffic collision on june 14. he leaves behind a wife and 2 sons. we are seeing police officers from around the nation come together for this memorial. some 400 motorcycle officers will be attending the funeral. we are watching the procession
9:54 am
making its way from los gatos to san jose. we want to show you a map see you can see where the procession is headed. you can be respectful as traffic makes its way through. it is winding its way up winchester boulevard. it will make a right turn onto stevens creek. they will make their way to the sap center where the memorial service will begin at 11 am. as the procession makes its way northbound to san jose, we are seeing other police officers stop traffic. you may find delays in the area. as people pay respects to the fallen police officer. michael katherman, the 13th san jose police officer to be killed in the line of duty. other stories we're following. the bay area weather.
9:55 am
you are watching temperatures as they continue to warm up. highs in the 90s today. we are expecting clouds to roll in tomorrow which will cool off temperatures a few degrees. him a cooldown to the 80s. it looks like we will pop back up toward the weekend with temperatures in the 90s. mid-90s as we head toward sunday and monday. a little cooler by the middle part of this week. hot weather is expected to continue. we will stream this funeral procession as well as the memorial service. that will be on our kron4 mobile app and at you can read more about this fallen police officer on our website. you can stay with this anytime of day with our mobile app. and facebook and twitter, we will have the latest updates. we will leave you now with this parting shot. some 400 motor cycle officers are gathering to pay respects to fallen motorcycle officer
9:56 am
michael katherman. we will stay with this as we and the kron4 morning news. at 11 am we will be streaming the memorial service on and our mobile app.
9:57 am
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nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." wild accusations from their daughter. >> allie was telling people i shoved her down stairs, i beat a kitten to death. >> i killed her cousin in a car wreck. >> announcer: so what happened? >> dr. phil: you touched a family friend on the bus? >> i never squeezed her. >> that landed both parents behind bars. >> dr. phil: you were not accused -- >> i didn't do it. >> dr. phil: i if you didn't do it, why were you put in jail? >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause]


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